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Is your project eligible?

The range of projects and organisations to which the IMB Bank Community Foundation provides grants is diverse, as the need of every community is different. So, before applying, check that your organisation and project are eligible, meeting our objectives and criteria.



The IMB Bank Community Foundation is committed to building and strengthening our local communities – in doing so we adhere to a set of objectives to help determine the types of projects that receive funding.  Applications for funding will be assessed against their ability to help deliver on these key objectives.

  • To encourage and assist economic, social and environmental diversification within the communities in which IMB operates (projects must have strong links to the areas in which IMB members live and work);
  • To advance shared prosperity and sustainability in the region by supporting social, cultural, environmental, heritage, educational, tourism and economic initiatives within communities, which will ultimately provide economic and social benefits;
  • To promote the mutual and self-help philosophies of IMB;
  • To identify and support activities that encourage self-sufficiency through transfer of skills and knowledge, and that may develop new physical resources;
  • To encourage and support volunteer inputs throughout the communities;
  • To strengthen IMB’s community and business networks;
  • Ultimately, to build and strengthen "community assets".


The IMB Bank Community Foundation will seek to support projects that can demonstrate collaboration with other groups within the community.

The IMB Community Foundation will generally fund tax exempt bodies under the Income Taxation Act, and/or organisations as described below: 

  • Endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Type 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR);
  • Endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Tax Concession Charity (TCC);
  • Registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission;
  • A not-for-profit organisation which is charitable at law;
  • A legal entity such as an incorporated association or corporation;

Although IMB may consider funding organisations that do not meet these requirements if the benefits of the projects are adequately established against other criteria. 

The IMB Community Foundation retains the discretion to fund other types of projects as it sees fit. 

In addition, preference will be given to projects that demonstrate a high degree of self-help, either in the form of the applicant’s own efforts and work already undertaken, or in the form of actual physical or financial resources already committed to the project.

Project applications are assessed by the IMB Community Foundation Committee according to the following:

  • Geographic proximity to an IMB branch;
  • Community input in the project and the benefits the project will create for the community;
  • Reach and impact of the project;
  • The project’s ability to become self-sustaining over time;
  • The project's ability to transfer skills and knowledge;
  • Innovation - in relation to the project itself or its “new to your community” features;
  • Promotional Opportunities – willingness to “partner” with IMB in promotional activity;
  • Evaluation – have a plan to properly evaluate the degree of success for your project;


As a guide, the IMB Community Foundation will generally not fund the following:

  • Projects that involve advocacy for particular groups or sections of the community;
  • Sporting or 'event' sponsorships;
  • Donations to charities or to welfare groups;
  • Budget deficits on projects in progress;
  • Ongoing operational professional fees/wages/salaries1
  • Excessive travel, accommodation and meal expenses2
  • Projects from organisations with specific political objectives;
  • Projects promoted by and/or involving commercial or profit-seeking organisations
  • Organisations that maintain discriminatory practices;
  • Other foundations that are grant making bodies;
  • Capital expenditure (unless forming an integral part of a project*).


1. The IMB Bank Community Foundation may consider funding for professional fees and wages for trainer or instructor related costs where the project is dependent on such positions to be successfully completed, and where the project is otherwise able to demonstrate that it is sustainable.

2. The Committee closely assesses each application before anything is ruled out on these grounds. It is accepted that either type of expenditure may well be an integral part of a whole project.

If your application is successful, your organisation will be required to have open a current bank account with IMB for the purpose of direct transfer of funds. If there are extenuating circumstances, e.g. local government organisation procedures, etc.., we will discuss with you the possibility of specific alternative arrangements.


Previous funding recipients

Farmborough Heights Rural Fire Brigade

A thermal imaging camera will enable The Farmborough Heights Rural Fire Brigade’s volunteer members to fully interpret a fire scene providing accurate situational awareness both day and night. It will also assist in search and rescue operations at any time and in any light conditions.

Giralang/Kaleen Men's Shed

The Giralang/Kaleen Men's Shed offers all men access to a range of activities including a woodworking workshop, garden, physical activity such as walking, and social interaction. Members will be trained in first aid to support shed members if needed.

Girl Guides Association of NSW

Building on a century of adventure, fun and friendship, Girl Guides empowers girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. The project will allow Girl Guides to offer abseiling, high ropes and rock-climbing experiences in the local region providing opportunities for the girls to grow, learn and have fun in the outdoors.

See all recipients


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